About Us

“Aist Educational Centre” is the franchise of “Aistenok” – Russian Educational Center, which is the first children’s recreation center in Perm city founded by Nadezhda Bulatova in 1992.

The founder of Aist Educational Centre in Dubai Alina Gilmanova.

Our educational system is unique, because it allows children to read and write from the age of 3 years old. It raise kids in a very kind and polite atmosphere, where they can be trained for the best discipline and to get knowledge in other creative and Art activities as well.

Knowing the fact, that all our Russian speaking kids, are studying in English schools here in UAE, “Aist Educational Centre” would be a great addition to the traditional method of education.

The headquarter of “Aistenok” is based in Perm, city on the Kama river. This center has 10 spacious rooms for classrooms, choreography, a hall, a cafe with an amazing view, a playground, a shop with different games, books and Lego, as well as a separate space for the half and full day groups.

This center has been in operation for 22 years already and the graduates are studying at the best schools of Perm. Qualitative and effective education seems attractive for parents and the education usually is provided in the gaming form by teachers, children are running, clapping hands, singing and always moving.

In “Aistenok” children start their special education from 1 year of age, different activities and group lessons help the child to develop and to adapt in the society.

As there is a very warm and joyful atmosphere, children go there not only for the education, but also to get the piece of love, as they feel very motivated spending their time at Aistenok and it is very important how the person spends their childhood as this defines their future.

In “Aistenok” you have the opportunity to choose the lessons for children from 1 to 14 years of age.

The main purpose of creating Aist Educational Centre in Dubai is to develop a strong institute, which can improve the skills of a child in many subjects, specially in reading and writing in younger age. Our Method, which was invented by the famous Russian Professor Nikolay Zaycev, allows us to teach kids at a younger age and never conflicts with nursery or school, because the main idea is to improve their skills, to inculcate cultural education, to create teaching, art, music and dancing, as an overall education, which will allow kids to be talented and to have it all under one umbrella, under the umbrella of Aist Educational Center.

Being far from their homeland, living in a very cultural, multinational and educated city – Dubai, we would like to keep and improve for expats their mother language. In our case, we will start with Russian language (reading and writing), because children are losing their language while being happily educated in English schools. Therefore creating not just a great performing Art center, we would like to add a very important factor – teaching and making a stronger native language for expats and mixed families. This method allows studying for any nationality, who live in Dubai, who would like to study Russian language or improve their skills within it.

Having Art, music, and dancing class, we will be teaching all children in the UAE the best training skills, brought to them by the best teachers from UAE, Russia and England.

Living in Dubai, kids aged from 3 to 14 years old can be given an amazing opportunity to develop strong skills, to improve literacy in the Russian language, to find themselves in performing arts, to give them great opportunity and motivation to perform on stage, to give a great chance to have music and dancing classes.

But most important is the method, which we are bringing from Russia exclusively to the region.

In the old times dealer surrounded by his disciples, only the most valuable works of art that, after watching them, he was always able to distinguish the true from the counterfeit. This method of learning is well applicable to the education of the child. If in his mind, like that until clean sheet of paper, is engraved samples of true art, they will remain there for life.

Many skills can not be acquired if they are not learned in childhood.

Early development does not aim to raise geniuses.

The main objective of early development – is to prevent the emergence of poorly skilled children. Give the child to listen to good music and learn to play the violin is not to turn them into an outstanding musician. His foreign languages are taught not to raise a brilliant linguist, and not even to prepare them in the “good” kindergarten and primary school. The main thing – to develop a child’s limitless potential to achieve more joy in his life and in the world.

Despite all the latest discoveries, new species conservation information, we will not hurry to part with the book. The book remains. It will always need a man. Its not just read. Meditate on it. Talk to it intimately. No intermediaries are needed.

And the main idea of Aist Educational Centre is to let our children love books, to read and write more, to improve their skills and of course to have the greatest cultural education.

Impressions of early childhood determines further thinking and actions of the child. When man does not remember anything that happened to him in his early childhood, does not mean complete oblivion. Any experience and any experience gained under the age of three years, becomes part of the base formed personality. If you do not lay from the outset a strong foundation, it is useless to try to build a solid structure, even if it is beautiful on the outside, it will still fall to pieces against strong wind or earthquake. Early development – is most like a foundation. It must be tough built from the beginning, because it is impossible to begin to build the foundation, when the building is ready.

What is creativity? It is difficult to give a precise definition, but in the simplest sense – a free flight of the imagination, sharpened intuition, which can translate into inventions and discoveries. At this highest level of creativity intelligence, erudition and imagination merged. There is no doubt that the success of creativity rooted in subjective emotional perceptions and experiences of early childhood.