Creativity Art and Craft “Hand-made Miracles”

The course includes:

Acquaintance of children with different types of decorative applied creativity:

  • Drawing (pieces of chalk, pencil, water colour, batic),
  • Work with natural material: applications with leaves (a card, a panel, ware), collages (decorative, floristic), to the krakla (works with application of an egg shell), toys and festive compositions from natural materials (the cone pine, fir-tree, larches, alder, acorns, chestnuts),
  • Work with salty dough (decorative panels, subscales, Pandora),
  • Work with plasticine (plane and volume),
  • Work in a papier-mache technique,
  • Works in a technique of a direct and return decoupage (performance of work on a wooden surface, glass, paper),
  • forge-rolling – a roll forming using wool (wet),
  • Cards (batic, skarbuking),
  • Textile dolls (a national doll, dolls made of natural materials).

Course Objective

  • formation of the positive relation to decoratively – applied art,
  • motivation to art and hand-made works.

The tasks of a course:

  • to improve a motility of hands, based on an intellectual child development,
  • to teach basic skills of work with various decorative and natural materials and tools,
  • to reresent the bases of knowledge in the field of composition, a shaping, a chromatics,
  • to develop a figurative and spatial thinking and imagination, creative abilities and skills,
  • to develop imagination, an eye estimation, esthetic taste, sense of proportion,
  • to develop accuracy and assiduity when performing work,
  • to achieve the maximum independence of children’s creativity.
Additional Information
  • Age: From 5 to 10 years
  • Number of children in the group: 6-7 kids
  • Duration: Minimum 10 classes
  • Accessories for classes: A special uniform
  • Classes are held 3 times a week with each class lasting 50 min and 10 min for the Parent-Teacher talk on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.

  • Teaching skills of the child for quality service delivery : All kinds of creative activities are offered according to the age and skills of children.

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A bit about the course

Creativity Art and Craft “Hand-made Miracles” shows the child an amazing world of creativity.

It gives the chance to believe in yourself and your individuality.

It develops graphic, art and design abilities, an independent way of thinking, imagination and creative activity, independence of views and ability to express itself through creativity at the child.

Through getting close to arts and crafts creativity – we form a creative and aesthetic taste and harmony.