Home Art

The course includes:

how to process food correctly, rules of healthy cooking. Pizza, lasagna, raviole, salads, and, of course, fried eggs and omelet, Moroccan tea. Design and formation the holiday at home,table layout.

The basic knowledge of floristics:
creation of bouquets and compositions from fresh flowers, an ikebana.

Embroidery, knitting and sewing:
buttons, soft toys, clothes accessories how to sew a pajamas, etc.

Dressing of the house (creation of a fashionable interior):
dressing of pillows, curtains, caskets, fans, vases, photoframework; how to create a screen, a candlestick, decorative composition, for example, from cockleshells and other natural materials. Decoration of the house for New Year’s holidays, a stylish New year tree.

how to create your own style

Creation of fashionable accessories: brooches, handbags, hairpins for hair. dressing of t-shirts paillettes, beads.

Hand-made jewelery:
beads, ear rings, bracelets.

We will alternate classes to make them interesting for children.

Course Objective

The main goal – is to open creative abilities and individual opportunities of each child by means of a hand labor, to be exact, of creation of various elements of house art. And also our purpose – to impart to children a basis of cultural communication and a way of life.

Our tasks:

  1. We want to introduce to children the ways of  managing a modern household, its speciality in Russia. During every lesson we are going to discuss why that definite thing should be created and will it be useful in our everyday’s life. In general -we will define the importance of our subject in a modern world. We will represent a review about its historical past in  an interesting way.
  2. We will show all possible variety of forms of housework and art while cooking different dishes, creating hand made stuff,  interior decorating, etc. Our aim is to get children’s interest and to make future way of life  pleasant and easy.
  3. Gradually we will form a skill to labour, to do something pleasant for their and near. We will form the main skills of managing the household.
  4. We will accustom the kids to accuracy and neatness, teach them the safety rules of usage of the household appliances (needles, pins, scissors, kitchen utensils and others).

Most importantly, as we believe, for realization of our goals and objectives – that is why we do all that interesting and fun, allowing children to easily learn simple skills that enable them quickly and with pleasure to do something for economy, and also create surprises for their loved ones, (ie motivation).

Our priority is emotionally positive spirit during the classes.

In general we hope that this course will help the children in the future, especially modern girls to create a cosiness and the comfortable atmosphere in their future houses.

A bit about the course

The course is elaborated firstly for the girls, but boys can attend it too and can choose any activity.

During each class of the course “House art” we plan to create something the hand-made. So, after every class your child will bring home something interesting, that was made by him! Whether it is a pizza for dinner for all the family, or a beautiful brooch for mum, or, for example, a beautiful pillow to decorate a sofa in a living room.