Developing Games and Musical Classes for Juniors

The course includes:

  • Musically-development games and logorhythmical exercises;
  • listening, singing, musically-rhythmical movements;
  • the games oriented on development of sensor abilities and fine motor skills;
  • exercises, which develop the feeling of the musical rhythm and coordination of movements;
  • productive kinds of activity (drawing, modelling, application with the elements of design).


This program focuses on the activation of the communication skills, forming
the social skills and interaction in play with other babies.

Course Objective

  1. To activate and to develop the oral and visual attention.
  2. To form communicative abilities and habits.
  3. To optimize oral and motor activities.
  4. To develop in a child a tactile-kinaesthetic and skeletal-muscular sensibility of his own body.
  5. To form the initial all-educational skills.
Additional Information
  • Age: From 3 years
  • Number of children in the group: 6-7 kids
  • Accessories for classes: Second pair of shoes
  • Classes are held 3 times a week with each class lasting 50 min and 10 min for the Parent-Teacher talk on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Monday, Saturday.

  • Teaching skills of the child for quality service delivery : the ability to walk

  • Course Designed: Bulatova N.V., Ershova N.A., Obuhova E.A., Imameeva O.V.
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