A bit about the course

The method of teaching middle-aged children allows:

  • To develop the skills of children received in the initial course;
  • To teach children the correct formation of sentences in English;
  • Determine the categories of time in the sentence; Deepen the details in terms of prepositions, pronouns, adverbals of time, manner and etc.;
  • To consolidate knowledge of the initial stage in the field of correct pronunciation;
  • Continue to study diphthongs, triphthongs and other letter combinations and features of their pronunciation;
  • Enrich the vocabulary with new interesting words in more complex Areas of activity;
  • Systematically merge with the English environment in order to completely overcome the remaining language barrier;
  • To understand and correctly answer the questions asked in English, and lead random conversation on a common topic.

The classes in this course are conducted almost entirely in English for the full immersion of students with the environment of the studied language. At the end of this course, students will be able to speak and write in English grammatically correct.