Learning to read in Russian

The course includes:

From the very first month children learn to read by syllables, during the second month children master their reading skills, the third and the fourth month is dedicated to teaching kids how to read sentences.

For this course we use Zaytsev’s methodology “Zaytsev’s cubes”,matching pictures, and manuals developed by the teachers of the educational centre “Aistyonok”

Skills Achieved

  • the child will learn to read comprehensively words and small sentences
  • the child will learn to write words and short sentences with the help of cubes
  • the child will increase his active vocabulary
  • the child will improve the pronunciation and purity of the speech
  • we’ll master the logical thinking
  • we’ll improve ability of independent work
  • we’ll form the ability to interact in group
  • a child will get a desire – “to read”

Additional Information
  • Age: From 3 years and older
  • Number of children in the group: 7-8 kids
  • Duration: 2 - 4 months(20-40 classes) depending on individuality of every child
  • Accessories for classes: a folder for papers,indoor footwear
  • Classes are held 3 times a week with each class lasting 50 min and 10 min for the Parent-Teacher talk on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Monday, Saturday.

  • Teaching skills of the child for quality service delivery : to know the Russian alphabet

  • Course Designed: Bulatova N.V.,Alikina T.G.,Vankova K.I.(The teachers of the educational centre “Aistyonok”)
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