Course Objective

  • to add and subtract up to 100;
  • to make, write down and solve examples and tasks;
  • to acquire a graphic, sound, quantitative image of a number – the concept about structure of number is given.


The wide range of logical games and tasks is offered.

Further, the children master mathematical actions with multidigit numbers (hundred, one thousand, millions, etc.)

They master the skills of the oral counting (not only addition and subtraction, but also multiplication and division).

Skills Achieved

  • the child learns names of numbers until 100, learns to write down them,
  • the kid learns to make, write down and solve examples and tasks,
  • the child learns to perform logical tasks of different levels of complexity.
Additional Information
  • Age: From 4 years and older
  • Number of children in the group: 7-8 kids
  • Duration: 4 stages (8 months), the duration of each stage is 2 months (20 classes)
  • Accessories for classes: A pencil, squared exercise-book, a folder for papers, indoor footwear.
  • Classes are held 3 times a week with each class lasting 50 min and 10 min for the Parent-Teacher talk on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Monday, Saturday.

  • Course Designed: Bulatova N.V.
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A bit about the course

The groups are formed according to the age of children and already existing skills.

As a basis we took Zaytsev’s methodology “Thousand and More” and logic games by Nikitin B.P.

The groups are formed according to the age of children, existing skills.