Choral Singing

A bit about the course

Art of choral singing one of the most ancient!

Choral singing accompanied ritual, ceremonial activity, festivals since the times of Ancient Egypt. It is the cornerstone of the Russian national musical culture. It is the most active, available type of music courses. The big number of spiritual works was written for the chorus, choruses were always actively involved to the church services – merging in a uniform rush of inspiration, the chorus allows to open soul, inspires choristers and helps to show overwhelming beauty, emotions and the sense of the executed work.

“The chorus is a prototype of the ideal society founded on uniform aspiration and harmonious breath, society in which it is important to hear another and to listen to each other”, – said Georgy Struve. The Creation of Children’s chorus in our “AIST” Royal educational center is not only the creative project, it has also a great social significance. In uniforms the children from different regions, different nationalities, different social groups of the population. They will learn to listen and hear each other, to interact with each other.

The developed choral art around the world admits an indicator of moral health of society.

It is not only possible, but necessary to sing in chorus!

Singing in chorus promotes the maximum development of hearing, musical taste, feeling of collective. The ensemble consists of “voices” (a bass, a baritone, the tenor, a mezzo-soprano, a soprano, etc.) between which the musical parts are distributed. That’s why the singers develop the fine ear for music, they can easily perfom polyphonic works, arrange the second voice to the main party, etc. But, the main thing about it is a great pleasure from collective singing and communication through the music and love which unite all participants of chorus!


What is the value of choral singing?

Choral singing helps to develop hearing. The chorus master and other participants allow to orient in composition, to repeat after them the difficult moments, to feel more sure, merging with chorus. That’s why if you always wanted to sing, but felt an embarassment, – you should register in chorus. Exercises, descants will help to fulfill an accurate articulation, diction.

Special breathing exercises promote the correct beautiful singing, strengthens the whole organism. Many diseases are recovered by it, in this way the chorus is worth special attention.

Choral singing for children is even more useful – except development of hearing, musical taste, with its help we cultivate the skill of listening to the person next to you, ability to work in team. The children’s musical and choral school will bring to the child many friends, impressions, will impart love to music!