A bit about the course

Since our childhood, the familiar instrument – the piano – came to us through a long way of development. It has a rich history which originates in the XVI century. Predecessors of a piano – harpsichords and clavichord, instruments with difficult mechanisms – were far from perfect. It was impossible to play coherent lingering melodies – the sound calmed down at once, the level of its loudness was identical, it deprived expressiveness of the music.

At the beginning of the XVIII century the master from Italy Bartolomeo Cristofori, improving a harpsichord, received the instrument that allowed to play loudly (forte) and it is silently (piano).That’s how it has got it’s name.

All the times playing a piano allocated people in society. Earlier only representatives of noble families could get the lessons of playing the piano. In some time, playing the piano became available for the simple people seeking to give to their children a good education. The lessons include not only tutoring a printed music and mastering the technique. Lessons of playing the piano develop memory, broaden the horizon, enrich the inner world.


Playing the piano makes the person attractive for the people around. When training to play this musical instrument-one develops his creative skills, expresses his feelings with the means of music. Adjoining to the world of beauty, enjoying the experiences which are given to us by good music, the performer shares his emotions with his listeners.