Playing the guitar

A bit about the course

Lessons of playing a guitar for kids are possible to star at the age of 5-6 years old. At this age it is best of all to begin teaching the child to playing an acoustic guitar (with synthetic strings). Playing an acoustic guitar is a basis, on the basis of which it would be possible to play any other guitar. Sound of the acoustic guitar cultivates ear for music and taste of your child. Studying the musical notation, we will select favourite songs and to teach how to accompany our own singing. The excellent hearing is not required to learn to play the guitar.

The guitar has very beautiful sound and a wide diapason. The guitar easily fits into the most various genres (rock, jazz, pop, classic, rap, folklore, etc.). That’s why the guitar is very popular.

During our we are teach to play a classical guitar. After our program you will be able to play all you wish! You will easily start to play electro or a bass guitar! We will help you to master musical notation, to learn the songs quickly, to develop your ear for music and feeling of a rhythm!
Music lessons develop concentration, art taste, a motility, ability to organize the time, assiduity. The classes are individual.