Children’s Theatre ”The School of Magic”

The course includes:

  • occupations by the scenic speech (work on diction, ability to build the speech competently)
  • the scenic movement (the correct distribution of space – coordination)
  • actor’s etudes (the exercise aimed to develop the imagination)
  • puppet theater (it suits for the toddlers, promotes development of imagination through transformations in various characters)
  • vocal and rhythmic skills (development of feeling of a rhythm, work on sound maintaining, intonation)
  • history of a theater (using a game)

The course consists of three sections work on which are lead parallelly.

1 section “Rhythmoplastics” – includes the rhythmic, musical, plastic games and exercises urged to provide development of natural psychomotor abilities of children, development of freedom and expressiveness of gestures.

2 section “Culture and Technique of the Speech” – unites the games and exercises aimed at the development of breath and freedom of organs of articulation, ability to own the correct articulation, accurate diction, various intonation, logic of the speech. Here are included the games with words developing the coherent figurative speech, the creative imagination, ability to compose small stories and fairy tales to select the elementary rhymes are included.

3 section “Preparation for a Performance” – is helping, based on author’s scripts and includes work with etudes and plays.

Course Objective

  • development of esthetic abilities
  • development of the sphere of feelings, partnership, empathy
  • activization of thought process and cognitive interest
  • mastering skills of communication and collective creativity
  • development of mental processes of attention, memory, thinking, imagination, speech
  • coordination development
  • elimination of “stiffness” (psychological liberation)
  • acquaintance with the history of theater
Additional Information
  • Age: From 5 years and older
  • Duration: The classes are held three times a week / 50 minutes each
  • The classes are for all the children, without any requirements
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A bit about the course

The aims of the course are to develop creativity and to liberate the child psycologically.The main objective of a course is to form a thinking and feeling, loving and active child ready to creative activity in any area.

By its nature the theater to the more close to the children’s role-playing game and by 5 years takes a position of the leading activity of children. That’s why the main form of teaching is game.