Choreography classes


Dear Parents! We are happy to inform you that the admission for choreography classes is currently open!

We have an individual approach for each child, as we want to understand, what kind of dances he or she likes the most. We teach modern dance as well as ball dance, and for the younger ones we have choreography classes, where they will learn to hear and understand music, move, as well as develop a great sense of rhythm.

Classes will be conducted by Kamilla Mukhamedyarova.

We have classes for the younger students, as well as adults, including moms.

For those who join us in the nearest future, we will prepare a big stage performance in Autumn already.

All details can be discussed over the phone: 04 228 0121.

If your child loves to move and dance, and you have already applied for a course with us, this will be a great addition!

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