Alina Rafaelyevna Gilmanova

Born in Tashkent, where she grew up and graduated with honors in Information Systems in Economics, Alina Gilmanova has, from a very young age, treasured the arts of Russian literature and poetry. At the age of five, Alina learnt to write in the styles of her favourite poets, Alexander Pushkin and Eugenii Esenin.

Since moving to Dubai in 2000, Alina has worked tirelessly in the fields of TV Production, Marketing, and Event Production, using her creativity along with her mathematical and computer skills to get ahead. Now living with her husband and two young daughters, Alina decided to turn her love for Russian culture into a reality through the launch of AIST, where the children of the UAE can improve essential skills such as mathematics and literature while also learning the perfect form in art and dance. Sharing her passion for family seeked the help of her sister Kamilla, a professional ballroom dancer for choreographer, and her mother Irina a certified children’s teacher with more than 15 years of experience.