Anastasiya Sergeevna Hafizullina

My pedagogical activity began not so long ago. I would like to tell you why I ‘ve chosen the profession of a teacher.

There is a special moment in everybody’s life, when you have to make a very important decision which will define your future life. Probably, every girl in her childhood dreamt to become elementary school teacher. So did I. Since then I’d never doubted in my choice. After school in 2009 I came to “Provincial professional college” where I’ve got the qualification the elementary school teacher. After the college I entered the Tula Pedagogical State University named by L.N. Tolstoy, the Department of “Vocational defect education”.

In 2014 found for myself a new technique for training children, the technique of Nikolay Aleksandrovich Zaytsev’s

The main feature of this methodology is the evident principle of training. The development technique  of Zaytsev promotes the formation the interest in training, readiness to perceive information of any degree of complexity, and also training of the highest mental functions necessary in the future.

In 2014 finished educational and training course in children educational center “Aistyonok” by N. A. Zaytsev’s methodology in Perm.

Every day I do my favourite work, the things that are very interesting for me, I am so excited that I do not even notice how quickly the time passes. In my work I express everything I always wanted to give to kids: love, care and attention.