Ekaterina Alexandrovna Kovshova

I was born in one of the most picturesque cities, in sunny, blooming and fruitful Tashkent.

Fragrant cherries and apricots in spring, the sun which is brightens with all its rays at sunset in autumn, – inspired me to live in the world of paints and brushes.

But before, the way to painting and drawing as it was, was florid and diverse.

Since 2001, studying at the Tashkent Architectural and Construction institute, I was decorating and  various cafes for holidays. After that, I transferred to the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow. I was a make up artist for the actors of the musical Cats, became the stylist of show and even the recognized master in bodyart, winning the Moscow championships.

In 2008 I’ve returned to native Tashkent. I was invited by the painter Ivan Larionov and I’ve got the order to paint some walls. Being inspired, I gathered a team of artists, opened my own workshop. For 7 years we are painting everything you can imagine – furniture, walls, glass, cars, notebooks and even conditioners.

And when I realized that my soul is wallowed in paints forever, I decided to start practicing the classical painting seriously. Having studied  for 3 years in a workshop of the best teacher in Uzbekistan Mirzakhmedov Hakeem, I took part in a number of republican exhibitions and as a result became the member of youth section of painting in the union of artists at Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

And all this time, I shared with pleasure all my knowledge and skills. As a result, we have formed the special technique of teaching how to draw, which allows to get an approach to inspiration to any interested person. This method succeed. It is possible to open a talent chasm from the very beginning, at any age and to create all your long and artistic life.

My history of a career will not be full, without special gratitude to my masters – teachers and beloved parents.