Ekaterina Vladimirovna Kudrya

Cherished dream of each person is their own, special. Mine was – to do what the heart is open to. And my happiness that it became a reality, with its own interesting way.
I was born in Russia, in its southern edge, grew close to the vast steppes and the gold fields of grain, barefoot and happy childhood.
I am a linguist-teacher myself (English and French). The training took place at the pedagogical Lyceum, Taganrog, then in Rostov State Pedagogical University (now SFU). The study left a lot of pleasant memories.
I had great mentors – both demanding, and brotherly caring. They treated us, like inquisitive children, and then like young students with special understanding, respect and love. I am lucky for good people in my life.
The work didn’t make to wait itself long. Immediately after University settled in Medical College to teach the Latin language to first-year students and external students, sometimes they were my parents’s age. An incredible experience. A year later, I decided to adventure in France on a cultural exchange program, lived with a French family and worked with children first graders. Within A couple of years time I travelled around the country and tasted all the delights of the French culture. Upon returning to Russia, I continued to teach French as a tutor, combining the pleasant with the useful. Part-time in the summer season worked as a guide-interpreter for foreign tourists on river cruises to our Homeland. After moving to Dubai, tried myself in sales, which came not to my liking, it is absolutely not my path. But soon was fortunate enough to meet with “AIST”, work in which gives you the opportunity to create, love and evolve.
In every child I see respectful little personality with his particular abilities and even talents. And our task as teachers and parents, being a good friend to a child, invest in him all the best, humane, and eternal. And for this it is very important to remain a kid inside, not to betray “a little, playful, wise adult”.