Evgenia Leonidovna Zolotaryova

I was born in Russia, in the small village of the Kirov region. In 2009 I graduated from high comprehensive school. Then i entered the Moscow State Regional Humanitarian Institute on faculty of social pedagogics. In 2014 after the successful Graduation from HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, I got the Specialist’s degree. During my studies, I took active part in different conferences, seminars, and also in training of the NLP, after which I got the certificate. I passed my student’s practice in a children’s recreation camp, in orphanage, at school and in college. During summer vacation I worked as a guide in a children’s improving complex. When I graduated from the institute, I passed training in Children’s educational centre “Aistyonok” in Perm where it got acquainted with an exiting methodology of Zaytsev A.N. Having mastered this technique, I received the certificate. In January, 2015 I attended Zaytsev’s courses on teaching how to read and in Maths in. St. Petersburg.

It didn’t take me long to decide my profession, as I was raised in the family of teachers. Working as a teacher is a hard work. It is hard to be a role model, a decency standard, the adviser, the judge, the mentor, a creator of children’s soul! But it’s a pleasant, joyful burden because love is the cornerstone of it. Love is necessary to all living beings, and especially to children!

V. A. Sukhomlinsky wrote: “The childhood depends on a type of adult who raises a child”. What person will he become in the future? Will he become a kind and creative person? It depends mostly on the teacher, on everyday’s work and sincere generosity. To give yourself to children – means to continue yourself in them, share your consciousness, your culture.

It is still very important to praise the child, even then, when his progress is very small. It cultivates self-confidence and causes the desire to make the following step.

I think that it is very important to develop in yourself the ability of understanding of an inner world of the pupil, ability to enter into his world. To understand the child, it is necessary to become his partner.

I try to listen and hear the child, to feel together with him, to lead him in a wonderful world of the imagination and beauty, to be near him and at the same time slightly ahead, and never stop on reached, as there is still so much interesting!

What necessary qualities do I have? I am a polite, optimistic, courageous, decent, sincere, creative, active, soft, patient still very benevolent person. I love children.

What I want is to help children to play a role of heroes in the play named “Life”, I want then to be open, kind and sincere. I want to bring them up as strong and creative people.