Кamilla Rafaelyevna Mukhamedyarova

Kamilla was simply born to dance. So much so that that she started ballroom dancing at the age of just five years old, and continues to dance until this very day. Kamilla has won gold medals at national dance competition, she was crowned Miss University at Westminster University, and has helped coach and choreograph hundreds of dance performances. Since 2008, Kamilla has taught children and adult dance classes at various studios in Dubai. She is a master of a range of disciplines ranging from Waltz and Swing to Salsa and Contemporary. Today, Kamilla has even taken the standards of dance in the UAE on level higher with the launch of her own Dance Shoes Brand “DanceWithKamilla”. Having her own Burlesque style show, more than 25 wedding dance choreographies, and thousands of dance performance coaching and performing, Kamilla’s passion for dance beats stronger than any tempo, and now it beats at AIST, ready to turn AIST pupils in elegant stars of show.