Kristina Yuryevna Novikova

I, Novykova Kristina Yur’evna., graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, received the bachelor’s ofspeciality “Artist-a singer, teacher”. I have Master’s Degree in “Master of the musical art.” I got apostgraduate course at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts with release day with major in “Theory and History of Culture (Study of Arts).

Professional vocal career began over 15 years ago. I have 9 years of Teaching experience with children and adults. `I have been working In the educational center “AIST” from September 2016. I givelessons of vocal, piano, stage speech, acting, ensemble and leading discipline of musical.

in the questionnaire of the third grade, I had a question: “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” I replied, “A Singer and a teacher.”

I am very lucky in life. Loving and loved parents welcomed and shared all my endeavors and make this until nowadays, so I would be happy and do things I love. Life gave me wonderful teachers at school and University, whose wisdom, love to children and life have formed in me a clear understanding of what I want to do in the future. The highest gratitude for the teachers – continuation of their work in their students. The fire, the joy and happiness I see in the eyes of my teachers until this day. They lead me through life with advice and examples, instructing me not only as a student but as a colleague.

My goal as a teacher is to teach every child to be happy, communicating with art. I think that there are no untalented children. The mission of each teacher in the initial stage is to identify the talents of each child and develop them. But in the process of education should be involved 3 parties: “Teacher-child-parent”. Only together, with common efforts and love of parents and teachers can discover the amazing world of the child. I think in our case it is important to be not only a teacher and also a psychologist in order to choose the right key to the heart of each child.

My motto in life: “There is No limit to perfection!”. I am demanding and strict towards the children and myself first. Love to learn and discover again something new.